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A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization launched July 2012 in Compton, CA and incorporated October 2015. Our mission is to raise awareness for the STOP THE VIOLENCE cause by gathering the youth to create and showcase positivity through fashion events as an opportunity for young girls to experience life on the runway, as well as an outlet for mothers' of murdered loved ones to display, on the runway, how violence ill-affected their family.


 (W)omen's (E)empowerment (R)unway (K)lass to create a dynamic influence on young girls by presenting the fundamentals of uplifting, self-love, and great confidence through a fierce catwalk.


We are known for hosting our annual Runway 4 Peace Fashion Show to bring forth positivity within the community. In addition to that, we also have the pleasure to perform at other requested events.


Rebuilding sisterhood is a vital piece in Runway 4 Peace, Inc. We support many other women organizations by attending events, assisting in the creation of their vision, and/or just simply uplifting women through words of encouragement.


Runway 4 Peace, Inc has a huge care for giving back to the community by sponsoring families, hosting giveaways, and/or by volunteering our time to contribute towards the success of other events.


DeNika Turner-Stephens, Los Angeles Sparks Ambassador and 2016 Los Angeles Sparks #WeAreWomen Honoree, was girl who had a passion and became a woman with a purpose. Growing up in the city of Compton, CA, there was a lack of opportunity for young girls, like DeNika, who had interest in modeling.  Modeling was something she always dreamed of doing but was unable to receive a head start due to the lack of resources in her community and the expensive cost to attend modeling school provided outside of Compton for professional guidance. 


While DeNika never gave up on her dream, she had began to mimic super models, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, to learn how to catwalk. Although it helped tremendously and she has walked in 50+ fashion shows, the frustrations grew on her because she did not meet the criteria of an "industry-type" model for most designers. DeNika's last straw was when she was waiting with hundreds of other girls to audition for LAFW and was kicked out of line for being "too short" at a height of 5'7. That is when DeNika Turner-Stephens knew there was a need to create a program where young girls who had interest in modeling, could have a starting point.


Unfortunately, there was a minor setback. DeNika's niece, Erica Miranda survived being shot 3 times at the age of 10 (March 2010), while playing outside of her home. It was fortunate that God blessed her to live and she is now walking again. After tragic struck, DeNika was eager to raise awareness towards the STOP THE VIOLENCE cause because she had known many people who have been ill-affected due to violence. As for her major comeback, she finally came up with Runway 4 Peace as the name of her organization to create and showcase positivity in our community and it all started from there.


December 02, 2016

Kaboom! Play Matters for All Kids

Runway 4 Peace making a difference in Compton, Ca by volunteering to build a playground for South Park

October 25, 2015


Runway 4 Peace WERK Divas had to opportunity to participate in this great event by doing a runway segment.

October 10, 2015


Runway 4 Peace Werk Divas supporting the Zurita Sisters and other women for Breast Cancer Awareness

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