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Located in Compton, California, Runway 4 Peace was founded to provide a confidence boosting safe space for at-risk children of the community. We inspire our youth to “Walk towards a safer tomorrow” by providing free programs that fuse fashion, self-esteem and fun. 

Many of our program’s children have been survivors of victims of homicide and poverty. Our program gives them a chance to dream of a different future with the self-love and life skills to make those dreams a reality. 


By using fashion to bring the community together, we restore hope for their futures by allowing them to see tangible avenues to success.

Our Mission



After her 10-year-old niece survived being a victim of gun violence, aspiring runway model, DeNika Turner-Stephens was set on creating a confidence boosting, safe space for at-risk children in her hometown of Compton, CA. The Compton community is no stranger to violence and that pervasive fact drove DeNika to combine her uplifting vision for her community’s youth with her love of fashion. 


Founded in 2012, DeNika’s dream to establish Runway 4 Peace came true. What started as a Women’s Empowerment Runway Klass (W.E.R.K!), has grown the organization to welcome youth of all genders where they are taught the fundamentals of self-love and confidence through interactive modeling activity workshops.


DeNika’s ultimate dream is to restore peace, unity and hope within her community’s children and beyond.

Our Mission

To empower our community’s youth and build up their self-esteem through fashion and confidence workshops so they can safely engage and excel in all social and academic settings. 


Our Vision

To inspire and instill confidence in the children of our community to walk toward a safe and confident tomorrow. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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